NaBloWriMo Post 12

NaBloWriMo Post 12

Green Day has released a new greatest hits CD compilation called God’s Favorite Band (a riff on when they appeared on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and God introduced them as such) and, naturally, since I’m a huge fan of the band, I ended up pre-ordering the CD, along with a bunch of other merch because the only way to truly judge one’s level of fandom is with STUFF.

Along with the CD, this pre-order package came with a sweatshirt that called to mind uniform sweatshirts from parochial schools. I’m still in awe that they managed to capture the insignia style of Catholic schools so well, even while making reference to Warning, Dookie, and American Idiot.

For reference, here are the emblems for both my elementary school and high school:

There’s also a t-shirt with the iconic trio and patches that reference the albums in a stained glass style:

And prayer candles, which is perfect for my Roman Catholic upbringing as well as the holiday season. I am definitely going to set these up along with the rest of our annual Christmas display.

Nothing but respect for MY Three Wise Men.

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