NaBloWriMo Post 10

NaBloWriMo Post 10

I’ve got a few things to discuss, so let’s separate them with some useful separating lines:

There is something patently ridiculous about proclaiming Blake Shelton People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2017. I imagine that country music is having a moment, in as much as country music is allowed to have moments. I’m not a big country music fan, and I didn’t even realize that Blake Shelton was still a thing other than his turn as one of The Voice judges. It’s hilarious to see that most of the Internet is outraged as the Internet gets with absolutely everything that has to do with an opinion and has resoundingly proclaimed this declaration a load of bullshit. In a world where Moonlight gets the Best Picture Oscar (after Lala Land nearly overtook the honor thanks to some weird backstage envelope shenanigans), where Mahershala Ali exists, heck, where Idris Elba exists, where Chadwick Boseman exists, where Taika Waititi exists, where Oscar Issac exists, and Ricky Whittle, and Diego Luna, and John Cho exists, where every manner of men of color exists, that they still ended up falling back on a country music star. White America, apparently, wants to have a comeback.

Which is…disconcerting. But with a white man back in the White House, I suppose they wish to take back some degree of power.

Ryan Reynolds is clearly living the best life. I love that he’s embraced the role of Deadpool as eagerly as RDJ has taken on Tony Stark. The Deadpool 2 teaser released today, in which the titular anti-hero gets to channel painting legend Bob Ross with great gusto and irreverence. There’s a lot of blinkĀ and you’ll miss it moments in the video, and at least the movie will have the same degree of ridiculousness, rahnchiess, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead:

Such a fucking delight.

I’ve started on The Frozen Wilds, the new DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, and it is all that I’ve ever wanted it to be, but returning to playing Aloy after 8 months of not playing the damn game was more than a little disconcerting, especially since I’d completely forgotten how to do everything in the game within those past 8 months. I’d forgotten what weapons I had, how to craft new ammo, and what powers I’d already unlocked for my stalwart outsider. I was sort of hoping for a gentle easing back into the post-apocalyptic world of the game. But no. One of the first battle encounters you get in the DLC is with a new type of predator which has been corrupted, but corrupted in a completely different way than the other corrupted machines. It took me multiple tries and a quick read through of the relevant Reddit thread before I was able to defeat that first machine. So. Much. Death. But that first victory felt so damn sweet and I suppose it reminded me how fun and challenging the game was. Figuring out the right strategy for each machine is important, and after a few weeks of running around as Lara Croft, I’d forgotten that there was something bigger out there in the videogame world than misguided vigilantes to fight. But man…that scorcher. Let’s not do that ever again.

Oh wait, I still have an entirely new area of the map to explore. Gah.

Looking forward to it though!

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