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Day: November 13, 2017

NaBloWriMo Post 9

NaBloWriMo Post 9

Dear white people: Why are you like this?

Source: Today in White Nonsense: Fla. Woman Claims She’s ‘Transracial,’ Identifies as Filipino

I can’t even with this. It’s not enough that colonialism stripped The Philippines of agency and made the country basically reliant on the United States for dang near everything. It’s not just that the US military gathered nearly a million Filipino men during WWII to help fight their Pacific war, promised citizenship and money, and reneged on the promise after the war. Now white people have to steal our cultural identity too.

This is ridiculous. You can appreciate Filipino culture. You can like our food and our history. That doesn’t mean you identify as Filipino! You didn’t grow up in a Filipino household. You haven’t experienced what Filipino-Americans experience every single day in this country. You can’t just try out an ethnicity like a new hairstyle and then change it later. Race doesn’t work like that. I can’t with this transracial nonsense.

Let me introduce something to you, sweetheart. Multi-culturalism. It’s great! It’s when you are exposed to a bunch of different cultures all at once and then you can definitely appreciate them without having to proclaim yourself *of* that culture. An example. I grew up in Hawai’i. Now, Hawai’i is a very multi-cultural place. It’s a melding of Polynesian and Asian and American cultures. I’ve experienced going to a Japanese Obon festival. I loved lighting up firecrackers and celebrating Chinese New Year. But that does not mean that I have to be of those ethnicities in order to participate in them. Multi-culturalism allows for many different cultures to exist in the same place. And you can celebrate it all. And you don’t have to change your race in order to appreciate it.

It’s kind of apparent that this person didn’t grow up in a multi-cultural environment. Otherwise, they wouldn’t feel the need to identify with a certain ethnicity because they enjoy the culture of that ethnicity. I’m also kind of wary of what kind of stuff about the Philippines this person has learnt from The History Channel, of all things. Don’t they air Pawn Stars like…24 hours a day now?