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Day: November 8, 2017

NaBloWriMo – Post 5

NaBloWriMo – Post 5

I feel like this encapsulates the feeling I’ve had for the past few days. It’s a sad state of affairs when one forgets that they’re in the middle of a blog update challenge and they don’t feel like they’ve got anything worthy to write about. But I suppose I could focus on this feeling that’s been building up since last night and has carried over to today. It’s an odd feeling, something I hadn’t felt in a very long time. And that feeling is hope.

The US Presidential election occurred one year ago. One year ago, according to Timehop, I tweeted this:

Because I had lost all hope. It was at that moment that the Presidency was called for Trump. Trump was going to win, and it suddenly felt like everything I’d ever known, loved, and experienced in the past eight years under Barack Obama would soon dissipate in a cloud of ill-conceived bills and executive orders. And much of this current administration is exactly that. Trying to roll back the progressiveness that I’d witnessed over the past administration. One year ago, I watched as the man who mocked a reporter with a disability, who talked about sexually assaulting women like it was nothing, whose vocabulary was only made up of positive superlatives, who had no experience with public office, and who was, by all rational thought, the worse person for the job, I watched as he became the leader of the free world. And it broke my heart. I’m an Asian-American and a woman. I could not see how the trajectory of this administration would include me at all. A hatred of immigrants and foreigners, a hatred of POC, and a need to return to the ’50s when America was supposedly “great.” Everything this administration┬áhad done is a slap in the face of the progression this country has made, not just in the last eight years, but even in the last 50 years. I really could not believe we could’ve gotten a president worse than George W. Bush. I thought that perhaps America would learn its lesson. Apparently, I have way too much faith in America. Despite my snarkiness, I suppose I still am an optimist about things. Sadly.

But last night rekindled a little bit of that faith. American voters resoundingly rejected the hateful conservativism of the current presidential administration and embraced diversity. I imagine that American citizens finally figured out that perhaps if they don’t want their government to be a total shit-show, that they should vote. Not just in the Presidential elections, but in the boring local elections as well, because those are the elections that most affect people’s lives. It’s definitely sent a message to the White House showing that people aren’t just going to accept the status quo. I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a wave of progressivism that’s going to sweep through every single election until we’re able to get rid of this awful administration once and for all.