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Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)

Let’s start this off with my personal history with Wonder Woman. I have vague memories of watching the ’70s tv show starring Lynda Carter, but my childhood Diana was the character on Superfriends, the somewhat cheesy, kid-friendly version of the Justice League. There, she was strong and smart, and yes, one of the only female superheroes on the show. I still adored her on the Justice League cartoon series, though I was outside of the target demographic by then. My version of Wonder Woman was always going to be the one on Superfriends: positive, clever, powerful, and eager to help no matter what the circumstances. It’s ridiculous that we’ve had to wait 40 years for another live-action version of this character, who has been just as iconic a hero as Superman and Batman. After a number of female hero movies flopped (I’m looking at you, Elektra and Catwoman), it seemed like no studio was eager to get close to a female superhero movie, and while the superhero movie industry has exploded, it took Hollywood over a decade to finally focus on anyone other than a dude. Thankfully, films like The Hunger Games have proven that people will go to a female-led movie.

And after a number of financially successful yet critically reviled movies, the DC Extended Universe finally offers up a live-action version of Wonder Woman.

And it was well worth the wait.

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